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Virtual Dinosaur Playdates

It doesn’t have to be someone's birthday to enjoy a get-together!!

Perfect for kids who love dinosaurs, TNHM (who have been hosting the best Dino parties in the UK for over a decade) is now offering Virtual Dino and Super Skill Paleo PLAYDATES, using fun, imaginative ideas within a creative online environment including event-enhancing, playdate packs

How it works


These events are great for children of all ages, but most suitable for children of 4-10 years old.


Any room with good light, a bit of space to run round plus a smartphone, tablet or laptop with internet connection!


Up to a max 30 children.  However, smaller numbers increase the sense of personal interaction and involvement


Packages available from 30 mins to an hour.  We have designed a range of brilliant event options to choose from

With our enormous range of dinosaur paraphernalia, join Dinogirl or Dinoman for a fun-filled time with all your dino-mad friends! Our playdate packages can be just that; a playdate!... Or, we can tailor the event to cross the divide between party and homeschooling; Playschool. (If opting for the playschool event, we recommend a maximum of 10 children.)  The amazing demonstrations and energetic style will ensure the kids soon feel reconnected to their friends and become Dino Experts along the way!  With our Large scale models, Dino Experiments, Fossil digging and using our huge collection of claws, jaws and artefacts, we won’t have trouble drawing their attention and firing their enthusiasm!
In our famously unique and interactive event hosting style, Dinogirl or Dinoman introduce 'Dino Demonstrations', 'Fossil casting', 'Artefacts for Excavation' and 'Dino Digging', along with themed games, challenges and activities. With all our amazing large scale models, vast fossil and artefact collections and unique pre-event playdate packs, we guarantee we’ll immerse you and your guests into a Dino World of Fun. PLUS! Raise the excitement and enjoyment level further with our Live Reptile Feed session! This extra experience lasts approx. 10-15min. You can choose to meet either our Awesome African Tortoise – Zulu and his hilarious eating habits, Or our beady-eyed Bearded Dragon – Teasle who hunts and eats his prey in front of your eyes… don’t blink and don’t miss out on this fascinating optional extra! (This option involves a live animal and is therefore subject to availability, welfare and restricted to warmer weather months.) For the real enthusiasts and budding palaeontologists, we’ve also created a special Paleo playdate upgrade, (perhaps better suited for children aged 7yrs and up) Paleo events take things to the next level and include activities such as Paleo Patience skills, Drill 4 the Ammonites and Crack Open a Geode or Nodule Live on screen!
Playdate packages start from £80 for 30mins, £120 for 45minutes and just £155 for a full hour. The Live Show extra add-on is just £25. The bespoke play-pack options, which can be posted in bulk to one participant for onward distribution (by far the cheaper option) or individually chosen and ordered by each participant are priced starting from £3 (for bulk orders) and from £8, if individually sent. Play-packs are specially designed as an accompaniment to the Playdate/Playschool events, for use during and after the show. They are not essential, just a highly recommended optional extra. Simply enquire about a virtual playdate (or Playschool), using our website enquiry form and we’ll send you full details with all the available options surrounding play-packs, upgrades and any bespoke event pricing information.
After booking and payment received, we'll email out a ZOOM playdate invite link for you to share with all the invited children. If anyone orders a play pack, these will be sent in the post to arrive before the event, as arranged. On the day, friends can use their smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, click on the link and then everyone’s will be ready to meet up!! We'll be available by phone or email in the run-up to the event to answer any queries you may have. We know these are challenging times and will work hard to make your play date a unique experience.

It's a Live Show with some exciting elements so it's important you are aware of our Disclaimers!

  • Parental Supervision: a parent or guardian should be present throughout the Party. This will be confirmed alongside the party invites, informing that parents/guardians will be called upon to help direct their own child so that everyone can enjoy the party and maximise the enjoyment of all the interactive elements.
  • Legal Disclaimer: All our pre-party packs and some party enhancer bag options contain items, such as ‘Artefact for Excavation’, which require careful use of a mallet or similar to participate. A legal disclaimer will, therefore, be required from every host at point of booking, accepting full responsibility for the receipt and use of all items and including subsequent remote activity participation. Travelling Natural History accepts no responsibility for any damage or harm caused by or resulting from, participation in any of our activities.
  • Live Show: We have no control over your watching guests or their households for these 'Live Virtual Shows'. So, we will provide a notice to highlight and advise everyone taking part, of the following; To ensure all members of the household are aware of the event and when it will be taking place. This is to prevent or minimise unnecessary noise and interruptions during the show, particularly those involving inappropriate language or an unintentional ‘lack of clothing’ appearing on screen!!

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