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Terms & Conditions

Please note the below, to ensure your venue is booked for adequate length of time and is suitable in terms of Space, Access and Parking. Hosting may be Delayed or Not possible if Venue is not suitable.

PARTY BOOKING LENGTHS: For Dinosaur Party Packages, we require 1 hour to set up and 1 hour to pack away. (so that’s 2 hours PLUS the party hosting length.) For A Dinosaur in your Garden or Hall, we require 30 minutes set up and 15-30 minutes pack away. (Plus the 40mins hosting length.)

PARTY CHILDREN NUMBERS: Dino Parties are limited to 30 children for safety and the speed andsmooth running of the party.
If you wish or fear you will go over 30 children, please discuss with us, as additional fees and stipulations will be required. If you go over 30 on the day, the same fees will apply regardless of whether an extra staff member has been booked.

PARKING: We arrive in a large van, so road access and parking space needs to be adequate (no height, width or length restrictions). Parking must be within 25 metres of the party area, and if on street with no parking fee (or costs must be covered by yourselves.)

ANIMATRONIC PARKING REQUIREMENTS: If booking our Deluxe Party or A Dinosaur in your Garden or Hall, the van will be a large Luton van that has a tail gate and so requires a 10 metre parking/unloading space, (this is around 2.5 car lengths!).

ACCESS: We bring and unload a lot of large Dinosaur models and kit! The setting up times assume the route from Van to Party area does not have any steps or tight bends and is not too far. (Hosting may be delayed if these are present, especially if not informed/discussed beforehand.)

ADDITIONAL ANIMATRONIC ACCESSS: If booking a Deluxe Party or A Dinosaur in your Garden or Hall packages, this needs to be double door (or MINIMUM 90cm) width and straight access from Van to performance area, with no steps at all. (We try to get round most obstacles, but ultimately Animatronics are long, wide and very heavy, so there are limits! Hosting may not be possible if the venue or parking/space requirements are not adequate.)

SAFETY NOTE: We will direct, advise and host to the children, but the supervision of all children present remains your responsibility. You must therefore ensure you have enough appropriate adults present to monitor and control behavior. This is especially important if booking an animatronic dinosaur, which has certain visual and physical limitations. children & adults must not approach the animatronic unless or until directed to do so and must listen and follow directions throughout. This is for everyone’s safety!

WEATHER/OUTDOOR VENUE: Please note – Our Classic and Deluxe Party Packages are to be held in an indoor hall or similar venue. However, if after discussion, you still wish to hold the party in your garden or outdoor venue, be forewarned you risk hosting may be delayed, disrupted or cancelled if weather shelter is not suitable. (A gazebo will not be large enough to cover us and the children in heavy rain or wind!)

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