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Mary Anning Rocks and Fossils and Workshops

Bring the past to life for your pupils through our incredible live workshops full of activities using genuine artifacts, fossils and bones from Prehistory.

Explore the incredible story of English palaeontologist Mary Anning and her ground breaking discoveries of Jurassic coast fossils in the English channel.

Travel through history and immerse your class with our highly interactive sessions.  We cater for KeyStage 2 and other age groups with an exciting range of activities and artifacts.

Our workshops support the national curriculum and encourage learning through play and hands-on discovery with the UKs best collection of REAL fossils.

Meet Peter Ta'bois

Peter Ta'Bois is the owner and founder of the Travelling Natural History Museum and is a leading expert and paleontologist with a life time of experience in prehistory.

When not delivering workshops to schools, Peter regularly visits the sites of fossil discoveries in the UK and around the world and carries out research in to the latest finds from the Jurassic and other Mesozoic periods.

Peter's workshops engage students in the incredible world of rocks and fossils and explains their relevance to modern society and modern life to link the workshops firmly to multiple aspects of both KS2 and KS3 curriculumns.

Immersive, Interactive, Hands-on
Experience our vast collection of exhibits

The largest collection of REAL Paleolithic, Mesiolithich and Neolithic Artifacts and Ice Age Fossils and Props in the UK with a vast collection worth over £250,000. 

Our highly sort after Exhibition has been displayed in leading museums across the country.

Highly Interactive Workshops

Get hands on with real and high-quality replica fossils and rocks and explore our vast collection of materials and specimens.

We bring the finest museum exhibits to your classroom with our HUGE collection including our exclusive Mary Anning fossil discovery sand dig and spectacular and unique plesiousaur fossil collection.

Help your students understand the process of fossil creation and discovery and examine them in great detail for themselves.

Our workshops include:

  • An introduction to dinosaurs and their fossils (including models and pictures to create engagement).
  • Extinction theories
  • Demonstration of how dinosaurs become fossils, sedimentation and rock layers.
  • Genuine sample rocks and fossils with visible layers to touch and hold
  • Palaeo People - Who they are and what they do, leading names and figures
  • Mary Anning - First Palaeontologist, incredible life story and role-model
  • A fossil's journey from discovery to laboratory to museum
  • Hands on fossil discovery sand-dig with replica Jurassic Coast fossils
  • Over 100 artifacts and exhibits to touch and hold
  • Live demonstration of opening rocks and discovering fossils
  • Live demonstration of opening geodes and discovering real crystals
  • Introduction to rocks - sedimentary, igneous, metamorphic with examples


"The workshop was brilliant from start to finish! Pete lit up the children’s faces with his shocking facts, amazing real life artefacts and brilliant resources. Not only did the children learn a lot about the life of a Stone Age man, they were able to get hands on and experience it by making shelter, food and even hunting skills. The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and would definitely recommend the Travelling History Museum to enhance your topic!"

Primary Curriculum Lead Teacher


“I really enjoyed taking part in the Workshop, the children could not stop talking about the life-size models of the Stone Age man and the wolves even a week later! Thoroughly enjoyed the enthusiasm and passion from Peter who delivered a seamless workshop that kept the children engaged throughout!”

KeyStage 2 Classroom Teacher

As seen in major UK Museums

Our unique collection of highly sought after artifacts and fossils has been loaned to major museums across the UK.

Creators of a modern Stone Henge

We are the only company to construct a full-scale Stone Henge using genuine stone monoliths weighing over 10 tons each!

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