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The Travelling Natural History Museum is the UK's biggest and best provider of Dinosaur and Natural History Workshops for schools, using real dinosaur artefacts, fossils and a huge display of life size models. In line with the National Curriculum, our workshops provide pupils with a highly educational, yet enjoyable, hands on experience of the dinosaur age, without having to leave school! We can help you bridge the learning gaps, following Lockdown.

Run by dinosaur experts (or as the kids call them, Dino Man or Dino Girl!) your school will benefit from an educational dinosaur workshop with a major difference. This is not your usual ‘don’t touch’ or ‘please be quiet’ experience, with pupils rushed quickly by displays to catch the coach home in time. It’s an interactive, educational workshop that includes opportunities for hands-on experience with real dinosaur relics and fossils.
Lesson plans can be designed to your own specification or we can just come in and run our standard programme. Every school Dinosaur Workshop includes valuable natural history-based educational content delivered in a fun and lively style, with a huge range of educational exhibits which students and staff can interact with. The Dinosaur Workshop can be tailored to your school’s specific requirements, and include content that aligns perfectly with the National Curriculum.
Workshops last Half or Full School day, and include Dino Display and Talks rotating classes between this and other Dinosaur themed Classroom activities such as Dino digs and our Unique Plaster Fossil Casting option. Dino Talk sessions suitable for group sizes up to 30 children. We can adapt many elements to suit your school's specific layout, facilities and timescales.

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