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TNHM has been hosting the best Dino parties in the UK for over a decade and now offers Virtual Dino Parties, using fun, imaginative ideas within a creative online environment.  It's 'Edutainment' at its best!  Kids will love the brilliant mix of action, Dino challenges and games.  From fossil casting and demonstrations to interactive activities and Dino Digging. Along with our Large scale Dinosaur models and our vast collections of Fossils, teeth and claws at our fingertips, we'll easily bring everyone along for a Dino Party ride, jurassic-park style!  Adaptable to suit all ages. Memories with a difference are guaranteed, bringing the wonderful world of dinosaurs to everyone's front room! Why not add on a Grand Finale or two? Unique and awe-inspiring Live Reptile Feeds and Animatronic Dinosaur training sessions now available too!

How it works


This party is great for children of all ages, but most suitable for children of 4-10 years old.


Any room with good light, a bit of space to run round plus a smartphone, tablet or laptop with internet connection!


No Number Limit.  However, smaller numbers increase the sense of personal interaction and involvement.

Add Ons

Check out our Party Enhancer Bags, Live Reptile Feed sessions and our Animatronic Grand Finales, all Unique & Unmissable Add ons!

Book a virtual dinosaur party with the Travelling Natural History Museum and let Us and our enormous range of dinosaur paraphernalia ensure your child's Birthday is truly DINOTASTIC! In cahoots with you and including a specially planned party pack, we bring our unique and interactive style of party hosting into the mix, and tailor the whole experience to suit your child, and their party guests; from toddlers to pre-teens.
In our famously unique and interactive party hosting style, Dinogirl or Dinoman introduce 'Dino Demonstrations', 'Fossil casting', 'Artefacts for Excavation' and 'Dino Digging' into the mix, along with themed games, challenges and activities. With all our amazing large scale models and our vast fossil and artefact collections to hand too, we guarantee we’ll immerse you and your guests into a Dino World of Fun. We'll make a proper fuss on your special day; every party begins with a BIG BIRTHDAY WELCOME and ends with a lovely Multiscreen chorus of Happy Birthday! For the real enthusiasts and budding palaeontologists, we can go deeper into the Dino World, with options to add Drilling 4 Ammonites! or Cracking Open a Geode or Nodule Live on screen! (Option to buy your Own Cracking Geode or Fossil Nodule) Check out our x3 Add on Options; 1) Party Enhancer Bags; featuring all the usual fulfilled items, plus extra unique items designed to enhance the party interactive feel. 2) Unique 'Live Reptile Feed' sessions; Your choice to meet either our Awesome African Tortoise – Zulu and his hilarious eating habits, or our beady-eyed Bearded Dragon – Teasle, who hunts and eats his prey in front of your eyes… don’t blink and don’t miss out on this unique and fascinating optional extra! (This option involves a Live animal and therefore during colder weather, while the Reptiles are in Brumation, this is a Professionally pre-recorded session, with super close ups views and Full on Feeding!) 3)Meet and train up one of our 4.5metre long, 2.5metre high Animatronic dinosaurs; Reggae Rex or Dillon Dilophosaurus who love to stomp into the party and cause Havoc! (Pre-Recorded Video option also available featuring Dillon Dilophosaurus meeting his modern day relatives, and later his girlfriend; Thea Rex, who is in the mood for a challenge!)
Virtual Dino Parties start from £125 for 30mins, £150 for 45mins and just £175 for a full hour. All party packages include a Complimentary Party Pack for the Birthday child in the price. These contain items such as a fossil cast, an artefact for excavation and more, designed to personalise and optimise the party experience, both during and after the party. Increase your guests' involvement whilst seriously impressing them with our totally unique, bespoke party bag options! We like to call them Party Enhancer Bags! From the many available options, you get all the usual fun-filled items, plus some exciting extras designed to enhance the virtual party experience for all. Prices start from £4 per party bag and will be sent in bulk to you for onward distribution to your guests. Be amazed yourself and WOW your guests with either a Live Reptile Feed session from just £35, or an Animatronic Grand Finale from just £45 (each experience lasts around 15-20mins) Simply enquire about a Virtual Party using our website enquiry form and we’ll send you full details and options for the party enhancer bags, and all other upgrades and prices.
After booking and payment received, your child will be sent out their special birthday pre-party pack and we'll also email out a ZOOM party invite link for you to forward on to all your guests. On the day, guests can use their smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, click on the link and then everyone’s will be ready to Party! Simples! We'll be available by phone or email in the run-up to your party to answer any queries you may have. We know these are challenging times and will work hard to make your party the best it can be.

It's a Live Show with some exciting elements so it's important you are aware of our Disclaimers!

  • Parental Supervision: a parent or guardian should be present throughout the Party. This will be confirmed alongside the party invites, informing that parents/guardians will be called upon to help direct their own child so that everyone can enjoy the party and maximise the enjoyment of all the interactive elements.
  • Legal Disclaimer: With the 45min and 1hr party packs, and in some party enhancer bag options, there is an ‘Artefact for Excavation’ included, which requires careful use of a mallet or similar to participate. On receiving any Artefact for Excavation, Parents will automatically be accepting full responsibility for the supervision of and participation in this activity. Travelling Natural History accepts no responsibility for any damage or harm caused by or resulting from, participation in any of our activities.
  • Live Show: We have no control over your watching guests or their households for these 'Live Virtual Shows'. So, we will provide a notice to highlight and advise everyone taking part, of the following; To ensure all members of the household are aware of the event and when it will be taking place. This is to prevent or minimise unnecessary noise and interruptions during the show, particularly those involving inappropriate language or an unintentional ‘lack of clothing’ appearing on screen!!

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