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Marine and Ocean Workshops

Dive into an under-the-sea workshop! 

With amazing large-scale modern and prehistoric marine models, discover the largest creatures ever to exist on our planet!

The Lyme Regis ammonite pavement is world famous for the thousands of 200 million year old ammonite fossils that are reveal at low tide.   With our workshops, we bring the rock pool to your school!

Highly Interactive Workshops

Wide range of National Curriculum Subjects covered

Physical Geography
- Landscapes / Oceans
- Habitats & Animal Survival
- Creative Writing
- Roleplay
- Drama
Citizenship & Wellbeing
- Sensory
- The origins of life
- Evolution of ocean biology
- Oceans formed over 3.8 billion years ago
- Life began on earth 3.5 billion years ago

Prehistoric Ocean Fossil Dig

Uncover the ancient history of the oceans with our unique Mary Anning marine fossil dig and learn about her ground breaking discoveries of Jurassic coast fossils in the English channel.

We bring our incredible resources into your classroom including our archeological fossil digs which allow students to unearth fossils for themselves.

Our workshops support the national curriculum and encourage learning through play and hands-on discovery with the UKs best collection of REAL fossils.

Arts & Crafts

Take away a part of archeological history from the primitive oceans.

We bring our wonderful range of highly-detailed marine fossil moulds created from real museum fossils for students to cast their own fossils and decorate in a choice of colours to make their own piece of history in the classroom

Get creative and colourful with our incredible range of stencils, art resources and huge selection of educational games and activities.

Immersive, Interactive, Hands-on
Experience our vast collection of exhibits

The largest collection of artifacts, marine ocean models, props and fossils in the UK with a vast collection worth over £250,000. 

Our incredible Ocean and Marine Exhibition engages, entertains and educates pupils of in Keystage 1 & 2 and other age groups.

Our highly skilled Education Leaders will lead a fully interactive experience to bring the depth and varied countless forms of sealife in to your classroom

As seen in major UK Museums

Our unique collection of highly sought after artifacts and fossils has been loaned to major museums across the UK.


"Very Engaging!  Good ocean and marine resources of the children to look at an touch.  Kids were very interested and loved that they were able to do stuff rather than just sit and watch."

Primary Class Teacher - June 2024


“Wow, thank you so much! The resources mesmerised the children.  The hands on activities were fun and engaging.  Marine Man's knowledge was endless.  When told where we were doing in school he was happy to incorporate it into the session.”

KeyStage 2 Classroom Teacher - June 2024

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