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Meet Dillon!

Dare to meet Dillon Dilophosaurus...

Add this must-see Grand Finale to our classic Or new Garden Party packages; with stomping, roaring and chasing that has everyone cheering for more!

Wow birthday dino fans with our awesome walking, roaring, 4.5metre long Animatronic Dilophosaurus! All performances are carefully adapted to suit your age group.  Our highly trained, dino puppeteers bring this dynamic Dinosaur to life, interacting with all your guests (and parents!)  Just watch out if he gets hungry!!


No puppeteer legs on show! Accurate anatomy, but with a unique Frill twist!


Highly trained, paleontological puppeteers bring these amazing creatures to life


Huge, roaring, dinosaur action raises your party to a whole new level

Add extra Delight with Dillon the Dilophosaurus in the mix

Let's get this party started!