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DINO TV – Green Marine!

Join us for our second Online Show, streaming to you live from Dino HQ!

In this episode, we’ll be diving deep into the oceans ???? to see how they have changed since millions of years ago, when the ancient sea creatures used to live there… ???????✨

We’ll be exploring the mysterious depths of the sea with some fun experiments, aquatic arts & crafts, and the chance to meet some life-sized marine monsters!  We’ll also be learning how we can help to keep our oceans clean and safe for the future, so that all creatures can thrive in them.


These exciting new LIVE Shows are hosted by Kay Lamprell and Pater T’a Bois, of the Travelling Natural History Museum – the no.1 providers of Dinosaur Workshops and Parties in the UK.
As featured on Sky News and National Geographic! ? ?? ? ?

The Museum team have joined forces with @Essex2020 to bring you these brilliant new interactive workshops, which are suitable for all ages – from big kids to little ones! ?

Each live show will be packed full of fun, facts, cool experiments, arts & crafts… Plus you and your family will get to meet some life-sized dinosaurs / sea creatures, all from the safety of your own home! ? ?

All are welcome, and we encourage you to spread the word to your friends and families too – you can all share in this fun experience together, even from your separate home ‘bubbles’!


Each Workshop will be Live streamed directly from our official Facebook page (via the Facebook Event pages) and then posted here afterwards!
? ??

Did you love the special song Anne and Kay sang near the end of the show?  Download the lyrics here!

Oh yes…  Don’t forget to try out the unique activities we’ve designed for the show watch us demonstrate them live and have a go yourself.  The whole family will LOVE doing these together!! ???

Check out our AMAZING activity packs >

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How do I watch the show?
    Click on the #DINOTV link above to launch the event on Facebook - we will be live streaming on 22nd November at 1pm!
  2. Do I need tickets?
    No, this is a FREE event hosted by Travelling Natural History Museum, courtesy of the lovely people at Essex2020.
  3. Can I watch the Show again afterwards?
    Yes! Check back here or on the Facebook events page, to see all the action on replay.