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DINO TV – Snow White and the Naughty Elf

Getting excited for Christmas ? yet?  We’ve got the perfect event to keep everyone entertained as you count down the days….

Flying in to meet you in this icy tale, we have the next best thing to Disney characters hitting a screen near you on the 12th December… the latest characters from the Travelling Natural History Museum team; Arctic Man and Snow Girl!! ❄☃❄

With their usual energy, passion and flair for the Fun and Dramatic, as well as their unique ‘story telling’ style, you’re gonna LOVE this #DINOTV Show!

The crazy, snowy duo will have an eye-popping selection of icy themed models to transport you to some of the coldest parts on the planet.  You’ll find them coming face to face with a ‘Prehistoric Penguin’, ? teaming up with a pack of wolves ??? and go penguin surfing ?to unearth an excitingly large Frozen Fossil!

WOW – where else are you gonna find that??!

Join in with some unique craft demonstrations… you may also find yourself challenged on your own Natural History knowledge!

Throughout our Show, you may even spot a certain, aforementioned, Elf! ?But you’ll need to look VERY closely boys and girls!

This last Show in the Essex 2020 series is set to be another SNOW Stopper!!  So grab your Christmas blankets, wrap up warm and snuggle in, for your 3rd FREE Travelling Natural History TREAT!

As we get nearer the event we’ll be publishing new, completely unique crafts and fun activities for you to try.  We’ll also demonstrate how to do them on the Show!

Keep an eye ? on our #DINOFUN webpage or click the button below ???

Check out our AMAZING activity packs >


Psst… Did someone mention wolves earlier?!! ? ??

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How do I watch the show?
    Click on the #DINOTV link above to launch the event on Facebook - we will be live streaming on 12th December at 1pm!
  2. Do I need tickets?
    No, this is a FREE event hosted by Travelling Natural History Museum, courtesy of the lovely people at Essex2020.
  3. Can I watch the Show again afterwards?
    Yes! Check back here or on the Facebook events page, to see all the action on replay.