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DiNO TALES!! ~ Friday Fun 4 Everyone!

All New ~ DiNO TALES!!


It’s Storytime!! Are You Ready? Then Let’s Begin…

DiNO TALES is a very special new series of narrated story-videos for children, brought to you every Friday afternoon at 4pm on ‘Dino TV’!

At the start of each show, Dinogirl will invite you to snuggle down and make a cosy nest, before introducing the Book of the day, and beginning your DiNO TALE.

Just when you think the Tale is Told, Dinogirl returns to the start to Dino Tale It Again, but with a Different storyline! Intrigued? Just Love Dinosaurs? This is the Event for You!

With Ten Stories in the series, a whole host of New Dinosaur friends to meet in these fun and beautifully illustrated books, you’ll not want to miss one Episode of DiNO TALES!

So join Dinogirl at 4pm every Friday for a DiNO TALES Session, designed to help you and your family feel calm, soothed, cosy and warm…and who knows? Maybe you’ll become a Dino Expert along the way!!

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Target Age: 0-12yrs, but ALL are welcome!!!  ? ??

DiNO TALES – Streaming at 4pm every Friday (you can also watch and re-watch on catch-up afterwards)

Narrated By: Dinogirl (Kay Lamprell) from the Travelling Natural History Team

Written and Illustrated By: Various

Book Series: ‘Dinosaur Adventures’

Publishers: Miles Kelly www.mileskelly.net


Dinogirl will be reading from the book series ‘Dinosaur Adventures’, all published by Miles Kelly.

We are very grateful to the publishers for giving Dinogirl their Special Permission to read these books for you.

Miles Kelly are a UK based publishing company who create ‘Children’s books to Inspire and share’. With a list over 700 titles (plus ebooks),their books are enjoyed by children all over the world, in 48 different languages across 79 countries. The company are also passionate advocates of many charities, including the ‘Book Bus’ and the East Anglian Children’s Hospice. They have donated tens of thousands of books to help improve literacy in developing countries.

So, it is Both a Pleasure and an Honour for us to share these beautiful Dino books with you.

Kay Lamprell – AKA ‘Dino Girl’ – is a professional entertainer and educator from the Travelling Natural History Museum – the UK’s leading provider of dinosaur parties and workshops!
Dino Girl is incredibly popular with children of all ages, and has many years of experience in hosting parties, events and workshops – whether for hundreds of students in schools, for private clients, or online.
In 2020, the Coronavirus Lockdown meant that the ‘TNHM’s usual work was stopped in its tracks; but this didn’t stop Dino Man or Dino Girl!
Their passion may be for Natural History, but the team are very forward-thinking – and so they happily embraced the world of Online Events.
Under the brand-name ‘Dino TV’ (TM), they have hosted several very popular shows during Lockdown – both as Live streams and Pay-Per-View specials.
(These include ‘Golden Dinosaurs’, ‘Green Marine, ‘Snow White’ and the super-festive ‘Voyage To The Grotto’…as well as the Ever Popular Creation of DiNamic DiNosaurs! – Crazy Dino Moves to help Kids (and Parents!) through lockdown)
Drawing from all of this experience and expertise, you can trust that you are in safe hands with Dino Girl*!

? Website: https://travellingnaturalhistory.co.uk/
? Facebook: https://facebook.com/tnhmuseum
? Twitter: https://twitter.com/tnhmuseum

All sessions will be available on our Facebook page, both Live and for catch-up.