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DiNAMIC DiNOSAURS – it’s Season Finale for these Craaazy Dino moves and T-Rexercises for Kids (and parents)!!!
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Join Dino Girl for this Season Finale Session of Dinamic Dinosaurs, when she will challenge you for the last time to find your Inner Dinosaur! Perfect your Dino Moves and Rejoice! – School is Back In and Lockdown is on it’s way Out, (we so hope)! So embrace the change and Celebrate by letting your Inner Dino Out to play!

Which of the fun and invigorating moves will Dinogirl use to help you Burst with Dino Joy Today? Tune in at the LATER TIME of 4pm (so you can all make it back from school in time!) to Find Out!

These sessions are suitable for both kids and adults alike, and we actively encourage parents to get involved. For 30 mins, come together and share in the fun and de-stressing experience of our playful Dino workout!

Season Finale will be LIVE streaming, as usual, on Monday 8th March at the later time of 4pm.  What d’ya reckon – are you up for it?

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ALL are welcome!!!  ? ??

Join your host, DinoGirl, as she challenges you to find your Inner Dinosaur…
Let it roar, stomp, dash around and play!
You can leave your inhibitions at the door and throw yourself into 30 minutes of sheer fun, physicality and fear-free silliness!
Each session is designed to give a short – but essential – period of relief and respite from all the pressures of Lockdown and home schooling.
Both kids and parents can enjoy a joyful half-an-hour of fun and creative play, as they try movements like ‘Dino-Quaking’, ‘Stega-Stomping’, ‘Ptera-Soaring’ and the ‘T-Rex Flex’!
You may learn some little nuggets of Dino Trivia along the way, too…
But this is very much an inclusive show for EVERYone to join in – whether you’re a big Dino fan or not!

Kay Lamprell – AKA ‘Dino Girl’ – is a professional entertainer and educator from the Travelling Natural History Museum – the UK’s leading provider of dinosaur parties and workshops!
Dino Girl is incredibly popular with children of all ages, and has many years of experience in hosting parties, events and workshops – whether for hundreds of students in schools, for private clients, or online.
In 2020, the Coronavirus Lockdown meant that the ‘TNHM’s usual work was stopped in its tracks; but this didn’t stop Dino Man or Dino Girl!
Their passion may be for Natural History, but the team are very forward-thinking – and so they happily embraced the world of Online Events.
Under the brand-name ‘Dino TV’ (TM), they have hosted several very popular shows during Lockdown – both as Live streams and Pay-Per-View specials.
(These include ‘Golden Dinosaurs’, ‘Green Marine, ‘Snow White’ and the super-festive ‘Voyage To The Grotto’…)
Drawing from all of this experience and expertise, you can trust that you are in safe hands with Dino Girl*!
*(Who also happens to be a trained kick-boxer!)

? Website: https://travellingnaturalhistory.co.uk/
? Facebook: https://facebook.com/tnhmuseum
? Twitter: https://twitter.com/tnhmuseum

All sessions will be available on our Facebook page, both Live and for catch-up.